Alexandre Magno



about me

I’ve been a professional guitarist since I was 15 years old, and in these more than 20 years I’ve been working as a sideman, studio musician, content producer, teacher and independent artist.

I have 3 instrumental singles released and the EP in 2024.

On my musical journey I had the honor of studying with several teachers and schools, such as the Conservatoฬrio de Musica Cora Pavan Capparelli in the city of Uberlaฬ‚ndia, at the GTR Instituto de Muฬsica in Brasiฬlia, and more recently, I graduated from the legendary college, Musicians Institute (MI), in Los Angeles.

I am artist of the brands: Santo Angelo Cables, Schultz Picks, AMB Pedals, but over the years I have had the pleasure of partnering with several others brands (Elixir Strings, Music Maker Guitars, Fractal Audio).

In the online world, i produce content for social media (Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, etc.) and I’ve had the pleasure of winning some contests or being among the Top 10 (Neural DSP Riff Contest, Kiesel Solo Contest, Santo Angelo Contest, Polyphia Contest).

I have several online guitar courses with other partner guitarists, and together we have more than 20.000 students worldwide.


ยฉ 2023 – Alexandre Magno